Engineering Design

With well experienced design engineers here who can develop the most satisfactory technical schemes on time.
Simulation software: Dynaform, Autoform.
Design software: UG-NX6.0, Pro-E, AutoCAD, etc.
• Reasonably analyze the product tolerance requirement, the material utilization rate of the product, the forming process, and processes required by making the product;
• Determine tool types according to customer requirements or annual output and product types;
• Determine the optimal tool size according to process features;
• Classify and quote tool price in detail, ensure the comprehensiveness, reliability and transparency of price quotation;
• Our technical personnel can provide technical support (tool simulation analysis, making of strip drawings and process drawings and so on) for products which need assistance of customers.

We are always proud of our price competitiveness, high productivity, effective communication and quick response. Customers are our partners. Shinfung’s integrity will make us realize all-round cooperation.
Our company has complete equipment and experienced tool design & making personnel. With professional technology and leading production philosophy, our company provides customers with high-quality tools.
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